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Sow Sale page
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This is a list of sows for sale. We can sometimes do pairs or trio with  sows and boars. We usually have babies for sale. We have litters due just about every month, except June-August, just too hot. So check back often for updates. Can also see about transporting to Southern CA, around Bakersfield/Lancaster too. I can send pictures, just have not figured out how to post them to the site, just yet.
We can accept payment thru PayPal. Contact me for that information.

1) Several American Silver Solid Sr sow, $15 Nice sows, just need the space.
2) 3 Jr Teddy broken, $20
3) Sr Teddy broken (chocolate/red/white) under 2yrs old, $20
4) Int American golden agouti sow, $20
5) Sr Teddy golden agouti/red/white under 2yrs old, $20

Trio or Pairs
Might be able to put together an American silver solid trio for $55

Updated July 5, 2010